COVID-19 Information

I am happy to report that  all staff and residents continue to be COVID free.

As the color of the leaves change and we approach Fall we are anticipating your visits at Maryville.

The entrance way vestibule will be our "visiting room". Please limit your visits to no more than 2 persons and 15 minutes. Prior to your visit your temperature will be scanned and you will be expected to wear a mask at all times. Visiting hours will be 1PM to 4PM. Prior to your visit please call Mary or Sandy between 11AM and 4PM to schedule your time slot.

If you prefer visiting with your loved one in the gazebo please be sure that your family member has appropriate outerwear which we will be glad to dress them in. (Jacket with hood).

Our continued prayers are that  a cure be found quickly to this devastating virus and that we can soon return to what we thought was a normal way of life.

Sandy Spielman

A personal letter from our administrator to health care providers

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